Returns Processing Services

You make the return policy, and we’ll process the returns!

Return processing is as important to your business as sales. If your return process is challenging or leaves customers frustrated, that negativity can lead to chargebacks, bad reviews, BBB complaints, and losing any future sales from those customers. While many businesses overlook the reverse logistics aspect of the sales cycle, Save Rack realized that product returns provide one more point of contact with customers and should be treated as an opportunity to create a positive experience with your business.

Save Rack will provide you with a dedicated return address for your customers. We’ll monitor this return address for returns and process them within 48 hours of receiving the package. We’ll open the package, inspect it and decide if it can be re-stocked, and credit your inventory counts. Save Rack will file all the returns so you can easily access them and process your refunds if needed.

SaveRack Connect

Setup your account and receive a dedicated return address.


SaveRack Sell

Update your website with our return address.


We’ll process all of your returns and file them.


Setup Your Account

Contact us today and get your account setup for return processing. We’ll get you setup in 24 hours or less. You will receive a dedicated return address.

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Update Your Online Store

Update your online store, website, emails, and customer service with your new returns address. Let your customers know where to ship all of their returns.

We Process Your Returns

As your returns start coming in, we’ll open each box, inspect the product for damages and decide if it can be re-stocked or disposed of. We’ll file each return so you’ll know who and when returned a product.

Inventory Management

If we can re-stock your returns we’ll update your stock inventory. You can login and check your inventory at any time.

Reporting & Analytics

Save Rack’s software is filled with reports and analytics to help you with everything from month-to-month reporting, to better supply chain decision-making. Monitor your stock levels, costs, tracking, and returns.

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