(NEW!) Mini Juicer


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Mini Juicer

Portable juicer, at the time, live up to the good life, portable juicer, Fengling stainless steel blade, large capacity, high-quality material

You who are struggling in the big city, are busy at work every day, busy working overtime, until you are so busy that you are squeezed out of life, bring this cup of fruit, always find the freshness, and restart your active life for you and me.

life first seductive, look at the age of beauty and personality, this juicer incorporates color aesthetics into the cup body, every arc, every line is carefully designed, let the eyeballs fall in love at a glance, and also add a touch to the busy life Bright colors.

Snooze breakfast is no longer in a hurry. You can squeeze juice while washing, and you can drink juice after washing to start the day of vitality.

“Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Housing Material: Plastic

Function: USB Rechargeable”


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