(NEW!) Mobile Phone Cooler


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Mobile Phone Cooler


This is a black technology mobile phone radiator, quick-cooling ice crystal clip, even if you use this radiator with a mobile phone case, it can quickly cool down.

It has a quad-core upgrade technology so that the phone no longer gets hot and the gameplay is more smooth.

Imported semiconductor cooling chip.

Powerful heat dissipation and rapid heat conduction air.

Mini and compact, does not affect the feel.

Mute the noise at the bottom does not affect others.

High-value radiator is worthy of your mobile phone, three colors are available, choose your favorite.

Innovative black technology for rapid cooling and cooling, semiconductor refrigeration technology, which absorbs heat while dissipating heat.

Aviation alloy refrigeration version with 22cm super large cooling area, larger area and better cooling effect.

Seamless fit, heat dissipation is more even and faster, upgrade cooling to enhance 30 times the speed of cooling.

Imported colorful, turbo fan, equipped with high-speed turbo fan, 360-degree strong air supply without blind spots.

Temperature determines performance.

The cooling fan prevents the phone from overheating while playing the game console, extending the life of the phone and battery.

Charging interface: USB

Product size: 7.2×3.6×1.9cm


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