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White Label Program

Weight Loss Supplements

Empower your brand with our customizable white label weight loss supplements, designed to help you offer effective solutions to your customers.

CBD & Wellness Supplements

Elevate your business with our white-label CBD and wellness supplements, allowing you to create and market your own premium CBD brand effortlessly.

Muscle & Testo Supplements

Fuel your brand’s success with our white-label male muscle and testosterone supplements, enabling you to craft unique line of performance-enhancing products.

Create Your Own Supplement Brand

How It All Comes Together In 3 Easy Steps


Request Your Supplement Catalog

Discover our comprehensive in-house online catalog featuring a range of stock formulas. Select your preferred supplement to begin, or if you’re feeling creative, customize your own formula with our expert guidance, taking you through every step of the process.

E-commerce Fulfillment


Building Your White Label Brand

Once you’ve chosen your ideal supplement, the next exciting step is to create your very own custom supplement label, which will adorn each bottle. You have the flexibility to either collaborate with our professional design team for a uniquely crafted label, or we can provide you with a template to craft your own, ensuring a personalized touch to your brand.

E-commerce Fulfillment


Dropshipping vs Direct Purchase

After successfully crafting your own unique supplement brand, you have the freedom to choose your preferred distribution method. Opt for the convenience of hassle-free dropshipping by Save Rack’s fulfillment center, or have us ship your carefully crafted bottles directly to you, giving you full control over distribution – the choice is yours.

Create & Launch Your Brand Today!

We’ve simplified the path to starting your own supplement brand. With prices below $5, we’ve made it cost-effective for everyone to venture into the world of supplements and kickstart their new business journey