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Gel Pads 2-Pack (Wholesale)


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Gel Pads for muscle and massage stimulators.

Excellent Compatibility And Conductivity : the current distribution on the gel pad is even, which can effectively cooperate with the equipment to play the most extreme function so that the muscles can be fully trained

Highly Fitting Training Gel Pads: perfect and designed for all EMS AB Trainer, waist trimmer Belts, ABS Toner, body muscle trainers, ABS stimulators etc.

Comfortable and safe high-quality materials: It's humanized design without peculiar smell, strong adhesion, environmental protection, and durability.

Convenient Easy to Use: The side attached to the white paper should be attached to the gel pad. The side attached to the transparent film should be attached to the skin.

Easy But Important Maintenance: Before using, just clean up your skin; after using, please stick them back to the cardboard. In this way, a gel pad should be lasting for continuously used about 20 - 30 times.

2-Pack Gel Pads

Plastic Wrapped

Dim: 1.5x2.5in

Shipping Weight: 1 oz

Upsell for Ab Stimulator