Ear Pods

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Ear Pods

Bluetooth wireless touch control ear pods with a charging box.

1. Use a pop-up connection

2. Very good bass

3. There are printing codes on the phone case and earphone

4. Click on the function to work with Siri!

5. Comes with light senses

6. Support wireless charging!

7. Listen to music: about 2-3 hours

8. Talking on the phone: about 2-4 hours

9. Change name and GPS positioning


As for the pop-up display, it is very simple to connect the headset with the pop-up, which is a good feature.

True battery life, and left and right side can be used independently, this is a super realistic earphone

1 Pair of Ear Pods with Charging Case

Sealed Retail Packaging

Charging Cable

Instruction Manual

Dims: 1 x 0.75 x 2

Shipping Weight: 3oz

Upsells: EarPod Case, EarPod Neck Band, Health/Fitness Watch, Mini-Speaker